Discover the Real Person Behind the Application

Most job seekers play hide-and-seek during interviews. They only share information that they believe will land them the job. That makes it tough for hiring managers. It’s easy to determine if candidates have the right skills and job experience. However, it’s difficult to identify behaviors that will make a candidate a success on the job.

Use the following techniques to encourage applicants to reveal their true selves.

  • Ask open-ended questions. Scratch any questions from your list that can be answered “yes” or “no.” That challenges you to create questions that require candidates to talk about themselves. Examples: “How do you handle irate customers?” “Explain one mistake you made at your last job and how you solved the problem.”
  • Require detail. Prepare follow-up questions to probe for additional information. Examples: “What have you learned from handling irate customers?” “What’s the most creative solution you’ve applied on the job?”
  • Probe for decision-making skills. Independent workers are easier to manage. In addition, they solve customer problems effectively and are strong contributors to their teams. That’s why it’s important to determine a candidate’s ability to make sound decisions. Use scenarios to test candidates’ abilities to make sensible decisions. Example: “You have two customers in line and the phone is ringing. How would you decide where to turn your attention and still maintain good service?”

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