New Hires: How to Make Their First 90 Days Count

The first 90 days can make or break new employees. By using a simple-but effective-onboarding process, you can ensure their success and avoid wasting the money and time you spent hiring them in the first place. Raise new hires’ productivity-and loyalty-by incorporating these strategies into employees’ orientation periods:

  • Avoid trial-and-error learning. Many managers rely on on-the-job training for new employees. But that often leads to mistakes and frustration. Walk them through every step of their jobs and allow employees to shadow co-workers to learn the ins and outs of the position.
  • Meet regularly. You have a busy schedule, but quick daily meetings with new hires will save you time later. You’ll give them an opportunity to ask questions. In addition, you can correct mistakes before they turn into problems and provide feedback that will keep newcomers on the right track.
  • Build relationships. Introduce new hires to employees in other departments. That will make it easier for them to interact with those people when they need to.
  • Involve upper management. Ask your boss to connect with new hires on their first day. Choose a format that suits your company culture. Examples: Plan a 15-minute presentation by a senior manager followed by a question-and-answer session, or schedule a meet-and-greet during a coffee break.
  • Don’t stop too soon. Just when you think a new hire is thriving, the person quits. The reason could be that you stopped your coaching sessions too early. New hires lose that support system, and they may become dissatisfied with the job. Meet with employees individually to gauge their job satisfaction, solve problems before they escalate and maintain ties with you and the organization.

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